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    Correlation - Initiate Set to No Creating New Instance

    Invinceable (Vince)
      I have a question on how correlation works when there is no process to correlate to. I am using SOA Suite and J Developer

      Here is my scenario:
      I have a bpel component that starts with a receive associated with a correlation set where Initiate = Yes. After the receive I do various logic and then at the very end of the bpel component, I have a Pick activity. The Pick activity contains one OnMessage and no OnAlarm. The OnMessage is associated with the same correlation set where Initiate = No. The OnMessage subscribes to an event "xyz".

      What I want to happen:
      I want the bpel component to stay running until it receives a correlated message in the OnMessage activity. However, sometimes event xyz may not have a matching bpel component to correlate with. In that case, I just want the incoming event xyz to be disregarded.

      What actually is happening:
      When event xyz comes in and there is no bpel process to correlate to, a new instance of the bpel process is created and the process remains running. I don't want a new instance to be started when there is no matching bpel process to correlate with.

      How would I accomplish this?


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