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    How to approve timecards that have been sitting in manager's queue

      Hello All,

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      I have a technical requirement to "pick up" submitted timecards and immediately approve them when they have been sitting and waiting for too long in their manager's queue for approval. This happens when a manager is out on vacation (and forgets to delegate), sick, lazy, etc...

      We have some specific business rules on when we want this to happen (after two weeks, certain employees only, with some other rules around payroll run times etc...) so I don't think it's just a "timeout" that I need to modify. I'm kind of a newbie with workflow but have been using PL/SQL longer than I can remember. I'm guessing there is more than one way to do this so I'm looking for some advice on how to make it happen. Is there a way to just find these submitted timecards in the workflow and force the approval, bypassing any other processes that may exist? Can I simply do this through PL/SQL by calling an approval API or an approval workflow process and NOT have to hack the living daylights out of the existing HXCEMP workflow?

      Thanks in advance for any ideas!