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    Create New Master/detail

      I am using

      I have a main page with "Create New" btn, that brings me to page2 that has dept/emp master detail. Master (Dept) is an editable form layout and details(EMP) is an editable table layout.
      The purpose of page2 is to allow creation of brand new dept, as well as add new employees on the detail at the same time.

      So I created and adf taskflow, with a default activity method call to 'CreateInsert' operation, which in turn calls page 2. The problem I am running into is that after I enter the Dept info
      on the form layout, the page is not rendering new row to enter the details for employee. Since deptId is the foreign key, so I set the autoSubmit to true in the Dept form layout, and set the
      partialTriggers in employee table layout to listen to the deptId.
      Any Idea why I am not getting the data entry row on the employee layout?