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    What type of java technologies we can user for virtual quiz application?

      Hi All,

      This is Bhanu Teja M. I just wanted to write a online quiz application, which various people can participate in quiz from different locations. For this, i need to maintain a single screen for all users and maintain and display the same data,status across the all participents. Can any one suggest me, what type of java technlogies or frameworks or tools i can use for my application that to maintain the same status across the participent browsers and make visible the each participents action across the all participents.

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      Bhanu Teja M.
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          Well, clearly you're going to need a server app to keep of the each user's current status. The size of your audience will determine what else you need. If you're talking about users in the hundreds of thousands or millions, you'll almost certainly need a database as well, since those kinds of stats would be too big to keep in memory. On the other hand, if this is just a small classroom project with a handful of users, a database probably isn't needed.

          My guess is that you'll need some kind of J2EE framework (Wicket is my favorite) to run your server app that keeps track of the user stats. Other responders will no doubt tell you what their favorite frameworks are. Which one you pick depends your level of expertise & personal preferences.