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    No BI query logs

      I was working on a production issue, unfortunately query logging is disabled in production. Technically query might be same as from dev, but i need to confirm prod query. What should be the right approach to solve the issue here?
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          Srini VEERAVALLI
          Use SET VARIABLE LOGLEVEL=2; in Answers->Advanced tab Prefix

          as in

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            Since its production, you may not have much choice in modifying the RPD. You best bet might be to take xml from production, apply it in answers in dev, and get the query from development.
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              Also, if you still concerned about dev RPD not being the same in dev compared to prod, then deploy copy of production RPD on your local machine or a sandbox if you have OBIEE installed there, and get query from there (after setting the right log level).
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                Take the logical query from analysis which would be shown from 'Manage Sessions' and run this in 'Issue SQL' under Administration and enable whatever logging you want to starting with 4 is recommended. Now you can click view log to get the physical query.!

                Run this in your DB.

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