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    Converting Standalone Agents to CLuster Agents


      I have been reading about converting STandalone Agents to Cluster Agents and again am suffering a bit of confusion. Using the Enterprise Manager 12c Upgrade Console to upgrade from 11g to 12c via the 2-System method I have deployed and configured some agents on clusters. I do not know how all of the agents on these clusters were originally installed. After deploying, when converting the 12c agents I did specify the related targets for the clusters.

      My question is whether or not the agents on these clusters is indeed configured correctly for a clustered environment. This is based on the fact that some appear to behave incorrectly (status pending is one issue). Is there a way from within the 12c console (or any other way) to determine if these agents are in fact properly configured for a clustered environment? My initial hope was that they would have been but given some of the differences between 11g and 12c I would like to verify that.

      I would appreciate knowing if that is possible.
      Thank you.
      Bill Wagman