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    Oracle Weblogic server and OSGi support

      I am working on OSGi implementations (Equinox/Apache Felix), application is full Spring MVC based, using Spring DM(Latest versions Gemini Blueprint and Eclipse Virgo) to deploy bundles. I couldn't able to deploy Web application as an OSGi bundle. It is not recognizing web bundles.

      Regarding this I have some questions below:

      1. Does Weblogic server 10.3.3 supports OSGi bundles and specifically OSGi specifications.
      2. If it supports OSGi bundles, then what is the way to do it? I haven't got anything regarding this.
      3. Does Weblogic Server has compatibility with Eclipse Virgo or Gemini blueprint, so that we can deploy OSGi bundles using Virgo or Gemini Blueprint.
      4. Which versions of weblogic server supports OSGi implementations?

      Any help or reference code regrading this would be of great help.