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    Java SerialPort using COMM API

      Hi All,

      I am trying to develop a java program that will dial a GSM modem and send some data over it.For developing this i am using java rxtxcomm API with jdk 1.6_38 on windows 7 OS.I am using notifyOnDataAvailable method in order to listen to any incomming data.

      The following is the set of steps i need to perform

      1) I am first executing AT command to check if the modem is connected or not
      the above statement should return OK if the modem is connected.

      2) then i will try to dial the number using DTD<modileNo> which should return CONNECT 9600.
      if the remote party is nor responding or some problem in dialing the above command will returrn ERROR

      3) Once the connection is open and no operation is performed for 1 Minute the connection will be closed by the destination which will be indicated By NO CARIER message.

      when i run my program the first statement will return OK so now i am dialing the specified destination number (Step 2) it should return CONNECT 9600 but i did not get any message.After 1 minute i am getting both CONNECT 9600 and NO CARIEIER message together.

      Can some one help me in resolving this problem