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    Simple Checkbox in Tabular Form in 4.0.2

      There is some discussion in the forum on the use of the simple checkbox on a tabular form but no solution that I can make work.

      If I put a very simple example on apex.oracle.com of a tabular form using the wizard with 3 fields in a table and 'Select one, two, three from table' with field three set as a simple checkbox and submit it, all is fine. By entering Y,N in the 'List of Values Definiton', clicking the box on the form puts a Y in the table and no errors result.

      If I do the same thing on the earlier version 4.0.2 and submit it I get the error "The requested URL /prdapex/wwv_flow.accept was not found." We cannot update to 4.2 for several months. Is there a way to make simple checkbox work in 4.0.2?