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    Terms not reducing headcount in W_WRKFC_BAL_A

      We're in the process of implementing OBIEE using OBIA - HR Analytics and PeopleSoft as the source system. We've been validating the incremental load process and have found that a lot of the terminations we enter are not causing reduction in the headcount metric on W_WRKFC_BAL_A table.

      For instance, two employees had a term row inserted on 3/27, effective 3/25. During the Incremental load on 3/27 both terms were picked up and I can see the term row in W_WRKFC_EVT_MONTH_F for both emps, yet in W_WRKFC_BAL_A, the HR_ORG_WID for one of the employees shows a decrease of 1 and the W_Insert/Update_dt field set to 3/37. The other shows no decrease and the W_Insert/Update _Dts are set to 3/8.

      Anyone have any idea why this would be happening?