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    Swipe Right

      I have a AnchorPane and I am using the Swipe Right, when I to click and hold the mouse over the AnchorPane and move to the right, need to change the page, my code is this, but is not working:
      AnchorPane.setOnSwipeRight(new EventHandler<SwipeEvent> () {
         public void handle(SwipeEvent event) {
            pagination = PaginationBuilder.create().pageCount(qtdPagina()).pageFactory(new Callback<Integer, Node>() {           
                public Node call(Integer pageIndex) {
                   return createAnimalPage(pagination.getCurrentPageIndex() + 1);
      Could anyone help me?

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      Edited by: 892672 on 29/03/2013 15:16
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          I think swiping is for touch events, not mouse events - try it on a touch capable device such as a touch screen or touch pad.
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            JSmith is correct, this is ONLY for touch devices, you want mouseDragged.

            I do believe you could set it up for a mouse movement right by doing
            mousePressed(MouseEvent evt)
                x = evt.getSceneX();
                y = evt.getSceneY();
            mouseDragged(MouseEvent evt)
            if(x <evt.getSceneX())
            //do something