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    Getting the attribute value from a table from page def using el expression.


      Am using Jdeveloper and have a requirement as follows for which a sample is been created. Requirement is as follows..

      1. Have a Taskflow that has a readonly table Employee.
      2. On clicking of a button called "route" checks if the selected row , Manager id attribute value = 200 then navigate to first page else if manager id attribute value is 200 then navigate to second page.

      Through the page def , if it has form , then we can access the attributes like #{data.view_FirstPageDef.ManagerId} . In case of acquiring the same attribute value from table using page def ? is what am unable to get..

      Have achieved the routing concept using the Router activity on Taskflow. But am unable to get the selected row attribute value of a table from the employee page def.. Can someone suggest on the same...

      Thanks and Regards,
      Vinitha G