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    Requisition Import Error


      My requirement is to submit the "Requisition Import" program from a back-end.

      I have created a pl/sql procedure to call the Requisition Import program (REQIMPORT), but it errors out with:

      Concurrent program POCIRM returned error
      Cause: POCIRM encountered an internal error.
      Action: Note both this error number and the actions you are trying to perform.
      Contact your system admin
      POCIRM-001: ORA-01403: no data found
      Cause: A SQL error has occurred in POCIRM. The SQL error is &LSQL_ERR.
      Action: Take note of both this error number and the actions you were

      I am able to successfully submit the program from front end. But it errors out while submitting from back-end.

      I have initialized the session (using fnd_global.apps_initialize) and set
      the org_context (mo_global.set_policy_context) to the current org_id. But still the program errors out.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance !!!