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    T4-2 with second root domain.


      If i create a second root domain on a T4-2 is it possible to use internal disks for the installation of Solaris on the second root domain or are they only accessible from the controller domain?

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          Liam Merwick
          I'm pretty sure that all the internal disks are on a single PCIe bus and so could be assigned to either domain but not to both at the same time. Typically people would boot the alternate domain from a SAN or something like that.
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            if you have enough nic and fc or sas hba one can setup another root domain
            if you donot and does have extra fc or sas for external storage, you can at least setup iodomain for direct access physical hdd.

            and use vsd to boot and vnet for network for iodomain
            if you have extra nic then you donot even use nic for iodomain