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    Error while running statically linked OCCI application on 11G client


      Till recently we used RogueWave classes to connect to Oracle database both 10G and 11G server. So we used to do a build on client and then use that same build with as well as client to connect to 10G and 11G server databases respectively.

      Now we replaced RogueWave classes with Oracle Template Library solution which is a open source solution and want it to run the same way as in use Oracle client to connect to Oracle 10G database and Oracle client to connect to Oracle database. But here when we used to do a build and link with occi library of client we were unable to run that build by changing oracle client to as name of occi library in Solaris client is libocci.so.10.1 . This is not available in

      So we used static version of same library libocci10.a and we were successfully able to run our application on both as well as client but occasionally we get below message on console although no error is observed in data in databases.

      ld.so.1: oracle: fatal: libskgxp11.so: open failed: No such file or directory

      Here is the details.
      SunOS md1npdsun37 5.10 Generic_141444-09 sun4v sparc sun4v

      Can someone suggest solution to this ?

      Niraj Rathi