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    Replication max log shipping does not work for me.


      Hi All,

      As mention by subject, derby.replication.maxLogShippingInterval does not work for me.

      Derby version:

      1. Set derby.properties as below.

      derby.properties file:
      #Java DB Properties File
      #Wed Dec 19 14:15:41 SGT 2012

      Result: did see log statement has lot of statements logged which means the setting should be correct?

      2. Test by inserting a record into derby database, waited for 1 minute ( set to 10 second above ), does not see it replicated over to slave DB. If I insert lot of records, then it will get replicated over ( log buffer full replication )

      Question: I want to use replication interval to ensure it is replicated on time rather than waiting for log buffer to get full. Please help, appreciate any comment.