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    WebLogic server home location

      I was trying to install WebLogic server 10 g.There I got page where they were asking to enter WebLogic server home location.
      Which ever location i am giving , it is showing not a server home location.
      Can you plz help me out?
      What does WebLogic server home location exactly mean?
      How to install WebLogic server 10 g?
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          Kishore Rout
          The WebLogic home is the root directory in which Oracle WebLogic Server is installed. A WebLogic Server home contains installed files necessary to host a WebLogic Server. The WebLogic Server home directory is a peer of Oracle home directories and resides within the directory structure of the Middleware home.

          The WebLogic home directory contains only product binary files that are mostly read only until the files are either patched or upgraded.

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