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    dbca xlib connection to "0.0" refused by server errror

      i am using oracle enterprise linux 5.4 in virtual machine and i am trying to create a new database using the DBCA
      but when i do this
      an error is returned

      XLib: connection to "0.0" refused b server
      XLib: no protocol specified

      exception in thread main

      how to rectify it??
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          Girish Sharma
          This is often an indication of doing things in the wrong order.

          Step 1: Log on to the computer that has an XWindows screen
          Step 2: Tell that screen to accept remote requests by issuing "xhost +"
          Step 3: Log on to the computer / user that is to use the XWindows
          Step 4: Tell that to display on the computer that is to be used for display using export DISPLAY=(host):display.screen
          Step 5: Run the program that needs a display

          Many people log in to root on the computer and then su to oracle to do the installs. While this is fundamentally a stupid thing to do, because using root unnecessarily increases potential security risks and is it NOT good practice and will it NOT be allowed in any self-respecting business, the following would be the sequence

          1) Log on to XWindows as root
          2) Open a terminal
          3) enter 'xhost +'
          4) enter 'su - oracle'
          5) enter 'export DISPLAY=:0.0'
          6) runInstaller (or use whatever installer is required)

          The most common mistake is running xhost after su. This will not work. The xhost must be issued by the first user - the one that owns the screen.

          Hans Forbrich @ The specified item was not found.

          Girish Sharma
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            actually if you had logged in the system as root and then you want to install any sw by changing user through su command
            you can not do that
            either we had to do what you are saying or we had to log in as the same user from where we are going to install sw