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    Sun Directory Server  6.0 Replication issue


      When I am trying to init the replication I get the following error

      bash-3.2# ./dsconf init-repl-dest -h circld3 -p 389 -e dc=example,dc=com circld5:389
      Enter "cn=Directory Manager" password:
      Started initialization of "circld5:389"; Apr 1, 2013 3:13:25 PM
      Initialization of "circld5:389" failed
      Server exit code: "838"
      Server exit message: "Replication error initializing replica: Total update failed : Unable to start a total protocol session - Unknown rc"
      The "init-repl-dest" operation failed on "circld3:389".

      Please help
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          Marco Milo-Oracle
          I already warned you before, there is a HUGE number of bugs that are currently affecting your deployment and many others will!!!

          Starting today with an DSEE 6.0 deployment is really a BAD IDEA, MOVE FORWARD!

          1) Verify that servers are up and reachable
          2) Check the replication manager password is correct on all the servers
          3) Which is the output of "dsconf show-repl-agmt-status "
          4) Check the MODDN is enabled on all the servers (nsslapd-moddn-enabled in suffix section in dse.ldif)


          Again, MOVE AWAY FROM DSEE 6.0!!!