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    Problem Switching/Changing a page in one parent tab to another

      I have 2 level tabs in my application. Lets call the 'top' set of tabs, Parent1 and Parent2.

      Parent2 has only one tab 'below' or contained in it. While in Parent1, there are many tabs below it, each refers to a specific page that has some apex reports. I'm just trying to move one of those "sub" tabs and the corresponding report from Parent1 to Parent2.

      To do that, in Application Builder, i click on the page that i want to essentially switch form Parent1 to Parent2. I can see under the Tab section, what its called on the right side, under Tabs. Lets call that Tab_X. So, i click on that Tab_X, and it allows me to edit the Tab itself. Now I open up the drop down box called "Standard Tab Set", and there, i can see my Parent1, and Parent2 sets. It is already selected to Parent1. So i change it to Parent2. Save/Apply.

      Then i go run my application, and I do not see that Tab_X tab in Parent1 anymore (which is good-i wanted to move it). I click on the Parent2 top level tab, and there I can see the Tab_X in the sub-tab list, which is also good. So far.

      When i click on Tab_X to run my report, it runs and outputs fine. But i lose my Parent tabs in the Parent tab bar. My subtabs look like the ones it was grouped with in Parent1, even though i can't see Parent1 or Parent2.

      It seems like it sort of half made my change but not fully, and my navigation is now essentially not working properly.

      Am I missing a step to do this change correctly?


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