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    How do I edit SYSMAN user?


      I am in the process of upgrading my 11g OEM installation to 12c. Left over from 11g there are two no longer valid email addresses associated with the SYSMAN user which were propagated from the 11g installation to 12c. I can't find a way to remove them. From the 12c console I choose setup -> administrators and find the sysman user. I am able to view the user which is how I see the email addresses associated with it. WHen I try to edit it the error -

      You cannot alter or duplicate the Repository Owner. The Repository Owner has unique system privileges and is created during installation. There can be only one Repository Owner for a given Enterprise Manager installation.

      is displayed. That sort of makes sense so, how do I remove the invalid email addresses associated with the sysman user?

      Thank you.
      Bill Wagman