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    AIA PIP - Synchronize Contacts in Siebel to MDM


      We have a AIA customer PIP installed to integrate contacts data in Siebel and MDM (UCM). There is no customization and we are trying to test as is. The search for a contact in Siebel using the Match process seems to be working fine. After this, data that matched the criteria is presented in Siebel from MDM and when we choose the record and click Fetch, it calls the FetchContactSiebelReqABCSImpl service to get the detail data from MDM and synchronize in Siebel. This service is failing and the failure happens in SyncCustomerPartyListResponseUCMProvABCSImpl which is part of the flow of Fetch service. Following is the error message.

      Error in evaluate <from> expression at line "164". The result is empty for the XPath expression : "/ns4:SyncCustomerPartyListResponseEBM/ns5:EBMHeader/ns5:Target/ns5:ID".

      The error happens in “PopulateSystemIds” assign activity. Before this assign, there is another assign which is “GetTargetSystemId” and this has a processXSLT transform using AddTargetSystemID.xsl.
      The PopulateSystemIds assign activity is dependent on the GetTargetSystemId. What is happening is GetTargetSystemId does not do the transformation properly. I checked the AIAConfigurationProperties and the service definition is available to get the target system id.

      Do you have any experience with this issue before? I checked in forums and Oracle support as well and could not find any similar situation. I appreciate your help to resolve. I have also created a SR for this issue.


      Venkat Ramakrishnan