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    Is there a Road Map for Berkeley DB?

      I am looking at recommending the use of Berkeley DB for a product we are developing. To do this I would need to provide an indicative Road Map of planned future releases.
      I am particularly interested in when a build for .NET 4/4.5 and Visual studio 2012 is anticipated.

      If anyone in the Oracle or the Community has some idea this would be appreciated.
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          Oracle generally doesn't publish product roadmaps, however there are some facts I can share with you. For many years Berkeley DB has had 1-2 major releases per year, and we plan to continue this for the foreseeable future. Oracle continues to be committed to Berkeley DB development and support; we have sizable engineering, support and sustaining resources devoted to this product.

          We do plan to test and explicitly support Microsoft .NET 4.x and VS 2012 in a future release.

          I have not personally investigated this, but given the open source nature of Berkeley DB, there is a strong possibility that the current version is already compatible. Have you given it a try?