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    How to clear non-stateless incident ?

      Any option I may clear those incidents 'not' stateless incident or purging policy I may use for 'OPEN' incident ?

      For example, I would like to clear the incident already marked 'resolved' like
      '/u01 available space less than 7%'.
      ' listener response to TNS ping is xxxxxxx msecs'

      Everyday when I examine the incident manager, no matter the incident resolved or new, I found those incidents are remained 'open' and seems not purging automatically.
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          For a "stateful" incident - the system has to report a clear before we can clear the incident.

          In your case, you can create a custom view which includes all open states other than "Resolved" and then use that on a daily basis to track your open and unresolved incidents.
          Please check out:
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            One more thing:
            For certain metric based incidents - there is an option to "Reevaluate Alert" in the Actions section of "Guided Resolution". You can try that and this will re-evaluate the metric on-demand and if the issue is cleared - it should generate a clear and close your incident.

            This will also help you confirm that the issue was truly fixed.