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    P6 Analytics 3.1 - Sample Star Schema Data Not Showing up in Analytics

      Hi All,

      I'm very new to OBIEE, have been using BI Publisher only. Now that I'm exploring and setting up an OBIEE environment, I also set up P6 Analytics 3.1 using the sample schema called star31.expdp. I've gotten everything working, no connection error and they'r all pretty set in place.

      However I don't seem to be getting any data out. They aren't sql errors but No Results with the message below:

      The specified criteria didn't result in any data. This is often caused by applying filters and/or selections that are too restrictive or that contain incorrect values. Please check your Analysis Filters and try again. The filters currently being applied are shown below.

      Earlier I used sample from EPPM, hooked up wtih PXRPTUSER and evidently data didnt show up either to which I assumed the database had insufficient data to cater to the rpd and dashboard formats. However I DO expect the sample schema to cater to it for users to conduct demos and whatnot.

      Has anyone tried installing it and can share your success story with me? I really don't know what's wrong or what have I missed out. Technically everything seems to be working, no db error or connectivity problem. I also use one username "STARUSER".

      Please help me out, thanks.