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    SQL Developer Doubt

      Hi all,

      When i updating or deleting in sql developer im getting this error,

      Row 74: ORA-01410: invalid ROWID

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          In a table or view editor, or via the worksheet with a DELETE or UPDATE statement?
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            In table....
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              Gary Graham-Oracle

              You need to provide some more details to help narrow this down since, in general, the error may occur under a variety of circumstances. For example:

              1. Worst case: logical data corruption in database
              2. Multi-user conflict: two users edit a BLOB/CLOB in same table row. Second user to commit gets the error.
              3. Possible bug in current production SQL Developer. Under investigation (may be character set or corruption issue)
              Bug 14675622 - GOT 'INVALID ROWID' WHEN DELETE A ROW
              4. Bug in an old (very old) SQL Developer, but I did not see any specifically related to the table editor.

              Or it may be possible to workaround the problem by unchecking this preference setting:
              Tools -> Preferences -> Database -> ObjectViewer -> Use ORA_ROWSCN for Data Editor...
              SQL Developer Team
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                In 11g,
                1)we are creating several schemas.But some schemas update is allowed and some schemas not allowed.
                2)We import some data's from 10g database, after that process, this error came.
                3)Data corruption was happened that time

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                  You haven't posted any information about what you are actually doing or what you are doing it with.

                  1. what is the full version of sql developer you are using
                  2. what is the os platform and version
                  3. what is the exact query or process you are using to update a table

                  Post the steps you are using and enough info so someone can try to reproduce the problem.