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    Reg: Excluded Section in Pivot view

    Bhargav K

      can any one telme..

      how exactly the 'Excluded Section' in the pivot view, will effect the entire report.
      In one of my report when i place one column in excluded section, one set of data is coming, when i remove that column in the Excluded section , data is effecting and its changing...why this is happening??
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          Excluded section is only excluding the column from view only and its not same as deleting a column from criteria tab.
          All the columns considered in the data showing in pivot table.

          Some there are other circumstances... its good not to talk about that.. ;)

          If make sense mark
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            Even if the column is excluded in pivot, it will be there in the query sent to database. If you exclude an attribute, and if it changes the granularity of the report, you have to make sure you set aggregations properly in pivot measures, otherwise you can get unexpected results, and individual row level or even grand totals.

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              Hi Bhargav,

              It is sometimes difficult for us to understand how the BI Server Parses the SQL.

              For example for the same report Table view has one sql and Pivot table has another sql.

              So always try to rely on DB and try to modify the SQL according to your needs.