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    RO doesn't replenish

      Hello to everyone!

      I faced a problem:
      RPAS Replenishment Optimizatiom Module does not recommend methods and parameters despite APC RO is completed, results from it are uploaded to RO, all needed data from RDF are also uploaded (such as forecast and lost sales).

      1. All needed data were uploaded
      2. aaiReplenOpt. and aaijni.jar are included into RPAS_JAVA_CLASSPATH
      3. All needed batches and actions are executed (optimization batch run, approving of frontier curve points, replenishment batch run)
      4. Libraries and functions are registered while building workbook
      (it's seen in log file-> Loading library 'RpasFunctions', '/u01/oracle/data/RPAS/RO/rpas/applib', then all fuctions are counted (such as ...Adding function 'nineinputslookup'))
      5. Instead of recommended methods and parameters I have only zeros :(

      Help please! Any help will be highly appreciated!

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