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    Require User Input for either dashboard prompts not BOTH ! !

      Fellow Earthlings,

      How to make required for user input for either of dashboard prompts not BOTH. !!!!!!

      Like if they enter '123' on DashP1 they need not have to enter DashP2 value and vice versa on same dashboard prompt.

      I have some dashboard prompts and I am using presentation variables to pass these values to my analysis.

      DashP1 - Pvar1 - Default All columns - User can type in values
      DashP2 - Pvar2 - Default All columns - User can type in values

      In my report , I am using a SQL filter to do a table.column_name LIKE (concat('@Pvar1}{'%')) same for the other table.column_name LIKE (concat('@Pvar2}{'%')) [ This is because users want to do a partial match on the value.

      So when the user is typing the values like 123 on DashP1 they are able to search, which is good. However on DashP2 which defaulted to all column values, they just erase/delete that and pass no value to it. So it remains the prompt vlaue is looking like -Select Value state which is not good. :(

      Now when there report is run for that DashP1 -value as '123' obviously we get no results since erasing that is causing it not to pass any value and when i check the query log it passes '@Pvar2'. This is causing no results.

      So I thought making it Required user input would resolve the issue, however the new request is to have either DashP1 or DashP2 require user input.

      Please advice if there a way to solve this problem.

      If this any way possible with Action links or any other methods.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.