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    configured email notification in desired format

      I've configured email alerts on Opscenter and its working fine.

      Bur I need to integrate all these email alerts with our alert tracker tool for that required some specification in alert like in subject of email alert it should come as per below format.

      Hostname: My_Server_hostname, Severity: warrning, Alert_Category_Type: Text_message_of_event

      and also i want to get specific email alerts like critical and warning.

      Thanks in advance..
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          If you're looking for something off-the-shelf, I work for the Oracle partner that builds the Neuron Integration for OEM Ops Center


          It can perform more customization of the email, but your alert tracker probably has better ways to integrate with it (SNMP, command-line utility, XML service etc) that would be more robust, and that Neuron can handle. If you have to build something yourself you may have to write something like a procmail script to chew on the default Ops Center email and reformat it.