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    Emergency price changes

      Could you please provide me how emergency price changes will be flown to RMS when it is created from RPM.

      To my idea, SIM will request for emergency pricechanges , RPM creates it and through RSL data will flown to SIM. whether the emergency price change will flown to RMS on the same day?

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          Hi Siva,

          RSL is not used for emergency price changes between rpm and rms. Emergency (same day) Price Changes are updated into rms through direct package calls as rms and rpm share the same database schema.

          Hope this answers your concerns.

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            Hi Yaasheen

            Thanks for your answer. Just add to it, please let me the package name where they are updating. Whether same day the price change will reflect to RMS.

            In Normal case, when price changes are created in the RPM, I heard that the night before the approved price changes for item/location level, batch will run to affect that retail in the RMS. Correct me if i am wrong.