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    provisioning Oracle DB and WebLogic

      I have a general question about provisioning Oracle DB and WebLogic to
      developers' laptops. This could help us to restore a VM snapshot when something
      is messed up. So we assume that any VM would do. Is Oracle's VM free for this ?

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          I am not sure I understand your question. OVM Server is a hyperviser that runs on bare metal so it would have to take over the OS on a laptop to deploy a VM to that laptop natively... OVM Manager could be used to deploy the DB & WebLogic VMs to an OVM Server that the developers access from their laptops via the LAN/WAN in a supported manner... Assuming a developer needs to have a local OS with developer tools installed on the laptop I can't think of a way that OVM Manager could deploy to their laptops in a supported manner... Maybe if the laptop was OVM Server and you had a third VM with their developer OS & tools in it...

          From an unsupported standpoint, there is an dual OVS server & OVM manager deployment on Oracle Virtual Box. I used it to get a little more familiar with OVM 3.X before deploying OVM servers in our development environment. I am almost positive that I deployed a few small VMs and even tested fail over in that configuration on a desktop running windows & I also run Oracle Virtual Box on OEL.

          Theoretically with a beefy enough laptop with local developer OS & tools installed you could deploy locally hosted VMs to an OVS running in VirtualBox and suspect you could even do that from a hosted OVM Manager's repository if it could see the OVM Server on the laptop.

          Overall Oracle VirtualBox may be a better virtualization technology to use and just take OVM Manger & Servers out of the picture... You might lose a central OVM Manger reporting but you would have less overhead on each laptop. Oracle VirtualBox does provide snapshots though the VMs may need to be shut down to be consistent (especially the DB)...

          Regarding Licensing, I believe both OVM & Oracle VirtualBox are both Open Source meaning you can use them and you pay for the support (not the license) but I could be wrong.

          Anyway, sorry if my answers are way off base for what you are looking for as I am not sure I understood the question... Maybe post again with more information as to what you are trying to do and what the specs are on the laptops and their required tools and OSes for development...

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            This http://www.oracle.com/us/technologies/virtualization/virtualbox/overview/index.html seems to mean that it costs $50 for each VM in a commercial environment. This is not for personal use and I didn't mention that.

            We want to deploy a VM with a guest OS on each developer's laptop. This guest OS will have Oracle DB and WebLogic. This is both for new provisioning as well as to enable the developer to remove his old VM and get a new one in the event of damage of his environment. This saves time because he does not have to depend on the IT department.

            If he has a snapshot saved somewhere he can restore it.

            Is this sensible ? So 'VirtualBox'(https://www.virtualbox.org) is totally free even for commercial use but Oracle's VM though does not seem to be.

            Does this provisioning method the norm ? Are there ideas about this.

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              Deploying VMs for that type of use is common and the base tool has built in snapshot capabilities.

              AFAIK the base platform at https://www.virtualbox.org/ is Open Source and free for personal, professional & commercial usage. Looking at what you can download from Oracle and from the Open Source site seem to be the same with the differences as follows:

              Virtual Box platform packages (like VirtualBox-4.2.10-84105-Win.exe on both sites) is open source under GPL version 2 (free as long as you comply with the GPLv2).

              Oracle VM extension pack appears to only be free for Personal & Evaluation use (PUEL).

              If you only used the base platform package and not the extension pack I think you would not owe any license fees nor have to pay support for the base Virtual Box platform...

              If you want the extension pack I think the costs are actually $50 per named user (plus) not per VM so I believe that if a single developer is the only user of that machine then it would only be $50 for that one named developer for his use regardless of the number of vms he has on his laptop...

              The above being said, if you are making money off of the Oracle DB & Bea Weblogic you plan to deploy then you may have to pay something for those or have some kind of license for the DBs & mid tiers... I would check the technet download agreement to be sure what it allows.