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    12c upgrade

      Hi Guys,

      I am upgrading to 12C using one system method.

      "If you are upgrading from Enterprise Manager 11g Grid Control Release 1 (, then on the Extend WebLogic Server Domain screen, validate the AdminServer host name and its port, and the WebLogic user name. Enter the WebLogic user account password for extending the existing Oracle WebLogic Server Domain to the upgraded release."

      For "Upgrade the OMS and the Management Repository" I need weblogic admin server hostname and its port, and weblogic user name and its password.

      I don't know the above details.

      Is there any file(s) in which hI can find the details.

      Thanks in Advance.

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          Here is one way to get these details from 12c:

          admin server port: AS_HTTPS_PORT
          admin server host name (always the primary OMS): AS_HOST
          WebLogic user name: AS_USERNAME

          Passwords are never logged in clear text! You should consult whomever did the EM install.

          I don't recall if you can get this from emgc.properties in 11g, but you should be able to get the info from the EM console.

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