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    Japanese Charset in CLOB

      I'm using Oracle 11g R2. NLS_Language of my DB is AMERICAN and NLS_CHARACTERSET is UTF8.

      i have a column in my table that stores data multilingually (English, Japanese and Chinese). Is it possible to retrieve that data in its original form into a CLOB variable?

      When i query my DB "test_案件" seems to be stored as "test_¿¿". When the data is rendered to User Interface it seems to be in original form but when i dump that column in a CLOB with tab delimited other data, it is being displayed as "test_¿¿". I feel (but not sure) that the issue here is encoding. On User Interface default encoding (for HTML) is UTF-8 so it is being shown properly there. Is it possible to do something similar while constructing CLOB/NCLOB?

      Appreciate your help.