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    Apex Advanced Training

    Gus C
      I am trying to find an advanced apex 4 training course that is in english, anywhere in europe.
      I have tried Oracle University and google, but none seem to be running at present.

      Does anybody know of a company that provides this training.
      It would need to be classroom based and I am only looking for myself.

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          Most Apex courses are online I guess. I've had good experience with this form of training. Some companies that offer Apex training:

          There is a very good Apex day in The Netherlands (Zeist) on April 9th:
          (the site is in Dutch, but if you look at the International column in this schedule, you'll find some of the top Apex specialists from around the world will present).
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            Gus C
            Thank you.
            I had a look at the websites you provided, but none seem to be running the course I require.
            Can anyone else suggest a company

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              What kind of training do you exactly need?
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                Gus C
                Have been using Apex 3.2, but now we are moving our apps to 4.2.
                I would like training that covered subjects like manual tabular forms, collections, dynamic actions, use of jquery, plugins, how to package and deploy an Apex Application.
                Basically all the new features that came in with version 4 and above.
                Oracle University has a course, but it does not seem to be running anywhere in europe at the moment in english.
                I prefer classroom training.