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    Pull adapter in FDM


      We are using FDM application to load data to HFM. Now we have a scenario where in we need to process few files in FDM, but they should not be loaded to HFM.

      We should run export which generates .dat file in outbox folder, but will not load data to target application.Can we achieve this in FDM with out using Pull adapter.

      Even if we use pull adapater, do we need another FDM application for this or can we achieve this in existing FDM application.

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          In the Integration Settings, select Enable Load, then uncheck the box. This will allow export of the .dat file, but will not load to HFM.
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            Thanks for the reply Larry.

            In our case, for location where we need only .dat files, mapping is li'l different.The target column members are not the members which belong to target application which is HFM.In this case, we will get error during validate step, as members are not available in HFM. Is there any solution to over come this issue or using Pull adapter is the only solution

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              Also under Integration Settings is an option called, "Enable Intersection Validation". Uncheck this box and the Validation phase will be skipped.
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                Thanks Larry.The settings specified by you are Application specific which are valid for all the locations in FDM.
                But we have only one location for which we will not load data to HFM, intsead will have .dat files in outbox.And for all other locations, data will be loaded to HFM.
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                  Try this in the BefValidate script:
                  strFMOptionID = API.IntBlockMgr.IntegrationMgr.PstrSysKey & "EnableChkIntersect"
                  If  strLoc = "Non-ValidatedLocation" Then
                       API.DataWindow.DBTools.fGlobalOptionSet strFMOptionID, True, "EnableChkIntersect"
                       API.DataWindow.DBTools.fGlobalOptionSet strFMOptionID, False, "EnableChkIntersect"
                  End If
                  If this works, you'll have to do something similar in the BefLoad script.

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                    Larry's suggestion should do the job, but as an alternative, If you are happy with using the HFM adaptor for this particular location and do not wish to write your export file details using the PULL adaptor, you could take a copy of the HFM adaptor and link that to this location. Although you would need to maintain a second set of control table information it does give you the ability to have a differetn set of integration settings independent of the other locaiotns using the existing copy of the adaptor.
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                      Thanks for suggestions.

                      Our requirement is

                      1. one location we will have different set of maps where HFM members will be the source, where as for remaining locations HFM is the target.
                      2. Since, HFM is target application and in this scenario, HFM members are source members we just want .dat file to be generated and not exported to HFM.

                      We were able to achieve the 2nd point by just exporting file and not loading it with dummy maps.

                      But, for 1,when we use actual maps, Validate will fail as it tries to validate with existing HFM target members. I'm trying to complete this step for which I want to know if we need Pull adapter or can we implement logic as Larry suggested..

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                        Try the code I provided earlier in the BefValidate script. If that works, you'll have to implement very similar code in the BefLoad script.
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                          Thanks Larry for your suggestions. We have been suggested to use Pull adapter for our requirement