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    Topic Recording Resolution

      HI all... I'm just checking...
      Is the default recording resolution still recommended to be 1024X768??
      Using 11.1.0 - does this ensure all users can view the content?
      ( my laptop recommendation is much higher... but I know not all users have the same screen/monitor)

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          Hutch Training
          You want to select the screen resolution that is the lowest one that is used by your users. If you have a small group of users and you know they all use a higher resolution, than you can change the default. However if you are developing for a large organization, I find there are always a few users who prefer the lower screen resolution.

          The result of recording at a higher resolution than your users is that the playback will cut off the right and bottom edge of the picture to fit their monitor. Any actions that occur in those cut-off areas will not be visible to the user.

          I hope this helps!
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            Marc Santosusso

            When a user is viewing content that was recorded at a higher resolution than the resolution of their monitor, the content will be displayed with scroll bars allowing access to the entire screen.

            Best regards,
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              Thanks ... I just wanted to make sure it was still viewable.
              Given the wide group dynamics we struggle with resolution standards for users.