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    about semantic indexing using user defined ontology

      hi zhe,

      according to the dev. guide, you can do semantic index on a document using user defined ontology. however, multiword class names, individual names and property names defined in the ontology are usually concatenated and cannot have space. if I have a multiword concept such as "http://www.example.org/medicalProblem/DiagnosedPastNeurologicalDeficit" rather than "http://www.example.org/medicalProblem/Diagnosed Past Neurological Deficit" in the ontology and a loaded document in the table also contains the concept "Diagnosed Past Neurological Deficit", so how is the extractor able to identify the concept in the document? do I need to describe the concept in the ontology using rdfs:lable like this "<rdfs:label xml:lang="en">Diagnosed Past Neurological Deficit</rdfs:label>" so that extractor can identify the concept in the document? I am not clear how to use user defined ontology to semantically index documents. thanks a lot in advance.