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    Add a machine to Managed Server using silent mode script in wls12c (x64)


      I am Kanakaraju. I am new to this silent installation of weblogic server and domain creation. my requirement while creating domain with production mode is,
      I need to add followings to the domain.

      1. Data source
      2. JMSServer
      3. ConnectionFactory
      4. JMSModule
      5. Queue
      6. Machine which can be assigned to Managed Server.
      7. subdeployment

      I can add only first 3 (Data source, JMSManager, Connection factory), but can't add remaining.
      when i use "+create JMSQueue "PfPerformanceProfileQueue" as queue;+", it is throwing exception like JMSQueue is not found.
      Can anybody please help me creating the script to add these?

      Following is my Silent mode script

      read template from "C:\Oracle\Weblogic12\wlserver_12.1\common\templates\domains\wls.jar";
      set CreateStartMenu "false";
      set JavaHome "C:\bea10_3_3\jrockit_160_17_R28.0.0-679";
      set ServerStartMode "prod";
      find Server "AdminServer" as AdminServer;
      set AdminServer.ListenAddress "";
      set AdminServer.ListenPort "7003";
      set AdminServer.SSL.Enabled "true";
      set AdminServer.SSL.ListenPort "7002";
      //We can directly create a new managed server.
      create Server "ManagedServer_1" as ManagedServer_1;
      set ManagedServer_1.ListenAddress "";
      set ManagedServer_1.ListenPort "7001";
      set ManagedServer_1.SSL.Enabled "true";
      set ManagedServer_1.SSL.ListenPort "7002";

      //Create JDBC datasource and targeting it to cluster
      create JDBCConnectionPool "xxxxDSName" as xxxxxDSName;
      set MVestDSName.DriverName "oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver";
      set MVestDSName.URL "jdbc:oracle:thin:@(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)";
      set MVestDSName.Password "xxxxxxx";
      set MVestDSName.Properties "user=xxxxxxx_user";
      assign JDBCConnectionPool "*" to target "ManagedServer_1";

      //create JMS server
      create JMSServer "MVestJMSServer" as jmsserver;
      assign JMSServer "*" to target "ManagedServer_1";

      //create JMS queue, default subdeployment will be created and targeted. Not sure
      create JMSConnectionFactory "xxxxxConnectionFactory" as connectionFactory;
      set connectionFactory.JNDIName "jms/xxxxxConnectionFactory"; //JNDI name for Queue
      assign JMSConnectionFactory "*" to Target "ManagedServer_1"; //Target queue to JMS server

      //create JMS queue, default subdeployment will be created and targeted. Not sure
      //create JMSQueue "PfPerformanceProfileQueue" as queue;
      //set queue.JNDIName "jms/PfPerformanceProfileQueue"; //JNDI name for Queue
      //set queue.StoreEnabled "false";
      //set queue.JMSServer "JMSServer"; //Target queue to JMS server

      //use templates default weblogic user
      find User "weblogic" as u1;
      set u1.password "weblogic1";

      //create a new user
      create User "Admin" as u2;
      set u2.password "weblogic1";
      //assign User "Admin" to Group "Administators";

      write domain to "C:\Oracle\Weblogic12\user_projects\domains\silent-domain"; // The domain name will be "silent-domain"

      close template;

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