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    Discoverer 10.1.2

    Karan Kukreja

      We have Discoverer 10.1.2 which is integrated with portal. We have been asked to apply an opatch. What impact could this have on portal?

      OS version : Solaris Sparc v10 64 Bit


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          Erik Janssen-Oracle
          Opatch is the utility which will help you to apply one-off patches to your environment. From your post, I can't see whether you are asked to install a new version of the opatch utility or whether you are asked to apply a one-off patch with the opatch utility. Updating the opatch utility to the latest version for your specific ORACLE_HOME will not affect Oracle Portal. Opatch is available as patch [url https://updates.oracle.com/Orion/PatchDetails/process_form?patch_num=6880880]6880880. For application server 10g ORACLE_HOMEs, choose from the Release LOV.

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            Opatch are one off patches to fix various bugs. Applyling opatch is always recommended by oracle support team & will not impact portal configurations. But it is suggested the opatch should be applied to the test environment first, to document the steps & check its functionality before applying it in the production environment.
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