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    Multi Currency: IStore


      We have a price list with multi currency enabled. Base currrency is say SEK. Multi currency is enabled in pricelist for EUR and few other currency. Order form iStore is currently played into oracle in SEK currency. Is there a possibilty that i can order in EUR currency from iStore for the same price list.

      QP: Multi-Currency Installed is Yes at the site level
      QP: Multi-Currency Usage is Yes at iStore application level

      Thanks in advance.
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          L S P..

          It is possible only. Please enable your list of currency for your site. And select the different currency from istore in home page.

          Steps to enable the currency:

          Navigation: iStore Administrator-->istore merchant-->Sites-->currency.

          And select multiple currency for site. Before that Enable the Layout for site. (i.e. Bin).

          Steps to enable the Layout:

          Navigation: iStore Administrator-->istore merchant-->Catalog-->section and select your root section, click update button. Then select Fixed layout for your root section and click "GO"button.

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            Thanks LSP,

            i dont have Navigation: iStore Administrator-->istore merchant-->Sites-->currency

            i could see iStore Administrator-->istore merchant-->Sites/catalog/content/Analytics/Advanced.
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              Also in iStore front end the currency is already shown as EUR by when the order getting played in SEK which is for the customer account price list.

              Thanks in advance,