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    Issue with REQAPPRV workflow when modified to send Remainder Notifications


      I am in 12.1.3 using AME for approval hierarchy and having a requirement to send two remainder REQ Approval Notification when ever they time out. So to meet this i modified "Parallel Approval Subprocess' proces and included two more notifications (Notification Display Name: Approve Requisition Notification (Simplified)). After this change I am getting remainder notifications but I am also getting two extra esculation notifications to the approver supervisor.

      Standard Process: I Observed that once i enabled the time out parameter and added 5 mins as time out under Node section in "Approve Requisition Notification (Simplified)" notification then system after 5 mins it is sending the notification to the approver supervisor and getting auto approved. (we dont want this get auto approved).

      So to meet my requirements, I have added two more "Approve Requisition Notification (Simplified)" notifications and incase if the test case meets time out for all three notifications then it is sending total 3 notifications to the approver supervisor and then it is getting approved (we dont want this get auto approved). I also observed that some times it is failing to send the remainder notification to the approver/ esculated notification to the approver supervisor because the MAIL_STATUS in workflow notification is blank and it is working some times...

      Please help me on below points...

      1. How to stop sending extra notifications to the supervisor.
      2. How to stop getting auto approved
      3. I also observed that if I have multiple time out notifications then in the notification history it is not showing all time out notifications and it is showing only one...how to get all notification history.

      My Actual Requirement

      The first timeout will occur 48 hours after the Requisition has been submitted for approval. If no action is taken after an additional 48 hours, a second timeout will occur. If there is still no action taken, a third timeout will occur 24 hours after the second timeout notification is sent out. After the third timeout, the Requisition will be esculated to the Purchasing Manager or the Approvers supervisor/manager (depending on the position held and the HR hierarchy).
      Eg: Requisition Submitted for Approval
      --1st Notification
      No Action taken in 48 hours then send 2nd Notification (1st Remainder)
      No Action taken in 48 hours after 2nd Notification then send 3rd Notification (2nd Remainder)
      No Action taken in 24 hours after 3rd Notification then send Esculation Notification to the approver supervisor.