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    jms/xbusResources-jms.xml - how OSB creates internal JMS queue?

    Alessandro I
      Hi there,
      In a project I have 3 proxy services, 1 dispatch request to the other 2 routing directly to them and with no Business services.
      One of these 2 is an HTTP, the other is a JMS. On this last I actually make a publish action along the pipeline and looks it doesn't require the JNDI name in the action itself, simply the proxy name or reference.
      Now in my local box it works, in JIT it doesn't. The only difference I can see is on the jmsResource tab:

      my local
      local-sso-audit-1142838076     Queue     local-sso-audit     local-sso-audit-1142838076     wlsbJMSServer
      local-sso-auditRequest33430637     Queue     local-sso-auditRequest     local-sso-auditRequest33430637     wlsbJMSServer
      local-sso-mail26453307     Queue     local-sso-mail     local-sso-mail26453307     wlsbJMSServer

      and in JIT none of the above is present.

      I guess these are internal queue created by OSB on deployment, but why should have not created in JIT??
      Thanks in advance