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    deleted join and timestamp

      Hi All,

      I have a workbook based on folders of a business area.

      I did not know that deleting and recreating joins would caused the workbook not opened anymore.
      Now a join item dependency error shows up.

      I have learned that this has to to do with the identifier of the join.

      The problem is that the workbook has a lot of worksheets, and they are old workbooks where as the documentation exist on as what is contained in the workbook.
      So it is impossible to recreate the workbook.

      I have also read something about a timestamp.
      Would an update of the timestamp solve the problem and get the workbook to open again?

      There are also other workbooks based on the same business area (which are working fine), will these be affected if the timestamp is updated?
      Will other business area's also be affected?


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