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    EM 12c - Job setup question

      Hey everyone,

      I was hoping someone could help point me in the correct direction here.

      I'm trying to move a set of jobs into EM 12c and seem to be hitting a problem.

      You see, I have a job that runs on a repeating basis (say, hourly) and another that runs on a daily basis for an arbitrary amount of time.

      The hourly job I would like to not allow to run while the daily job is running.

      Does anyone know of an approach I can take to accomplish this?
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          Adeesh Fulay
          This is an interesting requirement. In a nutshell, you need to run a test to check for the daily job, and if it is not running ONLY then execute the hourly job. Unfortunately, there is no straight forward way to do this. You can query for the daily job status using our repository views or our emcli verbs and then decide if you wish to continue the hourly job.

          Job repository views:

          emcli verb: