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Agent12c - Deinstall

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I have installed an agent 12c under a non standard directory where I am not supposed to install.

I would like to deinstall the agent and install on to our standard directory. In this I read thru oracle documentation and other blogs as well which is straight forward and I have experiece in couple of agent deinstalls in previous release.

In 12c, I have deployed the agents from OEM grid 12c thru agent deployment/mass agent deployment.

For deinstall the oracle doc says,

$<AGENT_HOME>/oui/bin/runInstaller -deinstall ORACLE_HOME=<absolute_path_to_agent_home> and deregistering from oraInventory.

As I have done the agent install from setup>add targets--> add targets manually --> add host targets -->host and platform --> ......

I don' see $AGENT_HOME/oui/bin directoy on the my agent side..b'cos I installed from server side.

I could only see below dierctories.

bin diag install sysman

What is the safest way to deinstall the agent home 12c from target inorder to install onto correct dierctory.

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    venkata thiruveedhi Guru
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    Follow the steps documented in the below document:

    DOC ID 1368088.1 : De-install 12C Agent.

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    Thanks Venkat.

    I have give thru this doc.

    12c: How to Delete Agent/Targets Using EMCLI Delete Verb. [ID 1459204.1] To Bottom

    I have 5 targets installed correctly. out of which 2 of my agents are installed into a non-standard directory.

    I would like to uninstall for those 2 agents only which are deployed thru mass agent deployment.

    Just wanted to confirm on this - don't want to touch the agents which are installed correctly.

    I guess I should go for option b.

    b) To delete a specific target:

    $<EMCLI_HOME>/emcli delete_target -name="<target_name>" -type="<target_type>"

    and here target_type = oracle_database is that corretc ?

    one more question is will the above command also remove the software that is pushed over to target database agent servers ? do I remove everything manually by "rm" command ?

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    Akanksha Sheoran Kaler Pro
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    Irrespective how you install agent ( mass agent deployment or manual gaent deploy) the deinstall procedure remains the same. The deinstall of agent is very clearly documented in the guide with examples and you should follow the guide-

    Coming to your point that you don’t have $<AGENT_HOME>/oui/bin dir then can you confirm that the agent was installed successfully? You should have this dir and pls don’t do rm-rf and manually modify the inventory, as this can lead to more problems. If you are not able to figure the deinstall pls open an SR with oracle support and let us know the SR number.
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    Thanks Akanksha.

    Yes. The Agent is installed successfully. I got the message agent is installed successfully after which I ran the on both the nodes where I installed the agent.

    Other than these 2 nodes, I looked at the other target host where I have installed the agent successfully and able to monitor the target successfully from the OEM 12c. I looked at the directories underneath that target as well where I was not able to see

    oui/bin/deinstall directories...

    Installation Base Directory - /cust/oracle/app/oracle/product/agent12c
    Instance Directory - /cust/oracle/app/oracle/product/agen12c/agent_inst

    The only directories I could see are - bin diag install sysman on all the other installations as well.

    I will create an SR will let you know the SR# here.

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    Here is my SR# - 3-7036540401

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    To close this thread, Customer was looking into AGENT_INST and not at AGENT_HOME. Provided the direct path to runInstaller under agent home.


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