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    Subject Area and Database

    Adi Md
      Hi All,
      I am evaluating following design -
      1: We have got 2 different databases. First one is from legacy manufacturing data and second one for Oracle Order Management.
      2: We already have OBIEE deployed for Order Management.
      3: We are trying to build dashboards for Manufacturing.
      I am designing as follows -
      1: Create a new Physical Database for manufacturing. The connection pool in this database will have the details of Manufacturing database.
      2: Create a new BMM layer specific to manufacturing
      3: Create a new presentation folder ( Subject Area) for manufacturing

      When user logs into answers then select subject area of Manufacturing and user can create answers on Manufacturing data. If user selects Order management subject area then user can create oM related answers.

      Does anyone tried anything similar to this? Does anyone see any proble or any pain point with this design?

      Appreciate experts feedback on this please.