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    FX Guide to which "Parent Root" is preferred for each task?

      I'm basically making this question to enhance my own knowledge of the Parent class and it's subclasses, as well as help anyone else who might be confused on what to use when.

      It seems that most cases I've seen call for a group to hold objects, but Group is tricky, because it auto-resizes, and sometimes you don't want that. So where do you go? It seems like Region is possible, but there is Also HBox, and VBox, as well as others.

      So in my case I'm looking for an area that I know when I'm in and out of it, as well as something that doesn't resize itself for it's children, and I can intersect it to be able to add the intersecting "children" into it, or out of it, based on it's "region."

      Anyone else is welcome to ask about the Parent and it's subclasses, so we may all be able to learn more about each individual part.