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    tpcall erorr

      private string tester()
      TypedFML32 request = new TypedFML32(430024);
      TypedBuffer response = new TypedFML32(430024);
      AppContext ctx = null;

      String result = null;

      request.Fadds(aaaa, "PBO");
      request.Fadds(bbbb, "06444658");
      TypedTPINIT tpinfo = new TypedTPINIT();
      ctx = AppContext.tpinit(tpinfo);
      ctx.tpcall("CUSTADDR", request, ref response, 2);
      result = "1111";

      catch (Exception ex)
      label2.Text = ex.ToString();
      result = "0000";
      return result;


      this the erorr "TPESVCFAIL - application level service failure"

      iam using tuxedo 9.1 client and Tuxedo .NET Workstation Client Applications "c#"

      and how to use TypedFML32 .


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          Kristian Ivarsson
          If you get TPESVCFAIL from a service-call, the actual service reported that by returning TPFAIL (instead of TPSUCCESS) (i.e. "application level service failure")

          The reason why the service returned with TPFAIL is up to its business-logic and cannot be determined by what you wrote and you'll have to examine some service-code and/or service-loggs (perhaps ULOG)

          Best regards,
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            Todd Little-Oracle

            What Kristian says is absolutely correct, the error is an indication that the service you called returned an error, application error, not a Tuxedo infrastructure error, so you will need to talk to the service developer to see what is wrong with your request. Also, even though a service returns TPFAIL, it can still return data, so there may be an output buffer that contains more information.

            As for FML32, you seem to have the hang of it., i.e., you use the various FML Library methods to create and modify the contents of the FML32 buffer. The documentation for that is at:


            By the way, Tuxedo 9.1 is really old and only extended support is available for it. Premiere support has already ended.

            Todd Little
            Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect
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