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    Test connection failed for resource(s): AD: ==> No route to host\n

      Hi, First of all I would like to tell you that the application was running fine few days back, this issue has come suddenly.

      I am getting following error while doing connection test for AD with SUN IDM:

      Test connection failed for resource(s): AD: ==> No route to host\n

      and when I try to open the detail for windows active directory arrow mark from the resource tab, Its giving me below error:
      Error iterating over objects ==> com.waveset.util.WavesetException: ==>java.net.NoRouteToHostException: No route to host

      I tried to google on this but all are pointing to some network/firewall problem.

      Can anybody suggest me the correction ways to resolve this problem. Any idea how I can proceed further.

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          First of all, I dont know if you even done the proper fault elimination

          No route to host is indicative of a network problem that could be based on several different faults.

          Simplest way to check, log in to the system running your IdM.

          first check if your nameservice is working
          nslookup <your fully qualified hostname for the AD gateway>
          idmmgr@unix103a:$ nslookup idm-gw.company.com
          idm-gw.company.com canonical name = win050a.company.com.
          Name:   win050a.company.com
          if you get the right response there
          try pinging the returned address
          idmmgr@unix103a:$ ping
 is alive
          If you have a routing problem it will probably show above...

          if the route to the gateway works, it might be the gateway that cant talk to the AD

          Just follow the track manually and if it stops working from one point, go past that point (if you can) and see if it works beyond it.

          Either way, whatever resource is pointed out in the connectinfo in the pertinent adaptor or connector should work from the prompt of the system running it, if not, then you can start unraveling it from there.